Alongside of the issue tracking, the list of enhancement requests is maintained on JIRA.  This list is provided to the User Group no later than the start of the RADBUG meeting, but with the aim of distributing the list one month prior to the meeting. In addition to the provided list, each annual meeting hosts a forum where any ballot-holding user may present an enhancement for consideration or discussion prior to the voting process.

Due to the ongoing AASHTOWare modernization project, the usual enhancement voting procedure will be amended for the 2017 RADBUG meeting. The balloting and voting procedure will be conducted as follows: 

2017 RADBUG Modified Enhancement Voting Procedure:

  1. Two weeks following the RADBUG conference an email will be sent to each end user designee.  One form for each product licensed.
  2. Each of these forms will ask users to prioritize the top 10 desired enhancements.  In keeping with traditional voting laws, duplicate entries from a single ballot will be ignored.
  3. Further instructions and “return by” date will be provided with the voting form.


2017 Tier 1 Enhancement List

User Group members are encouraged to read details on the listed enhancements because the titles can sometimes be misleading.  For further investigation of these enhancements use the following two links depending on the incident prefix.

For incident numbers starting with “VI”
For incident numbers starting with “BRDRSUP”
  • Go to JIRA Support Center
  • If you don’t have login, use the credentials in the section immediately below
  • Search for the BRDRSUP number and the BrDR JIRA Support Center

JIRA Login

The enhancement list is best viewed on JIRA: JIRA Login
Read-only credentials are:
Username: brd
Password: brr

Archived Enhancements Lists

Two lists have been provided by Michael Baker for 2015 enhancement voting:


Enhancement voting opens two weeks prior to the RADBUG meeting but typically begins immediately after the meeting closes. Voting is open two weeks after the close of the meeting.

Late ballots are not counted!

Voting Results

2015 voting results:

NOTE: Due to similarity, votes for enhancements  BrDRSUP-690 & VI 8179, were combined and applied to VI 8179 (votes were placed for one or the other, but no ballot voted for both).

2015 BrD Enhancement Voting Results
2015 BrR Enhancement Voting Results
2015 BrDR Combined Enhancement Voting Results

2014 voting results (revised September 2014):

2014 Enhancement Ballots
2014 Updated Enhancement Voting Bridge Design
2014 Updated Enhancement Voting Bridge Rating
2014 Updated Enhancement Voting Combined
2014 Updated Enhancement Voting Detailed Report
2014 Enhancements (zipped file)

2013 voting results:

2013 Enhancement List

2012 voting results:

2012-FINAL_Results_by Incident