BrDR RADBUG Presentations

2021 – Virtual

List of virtual presentation  (listed under User Group Information)

2020 – Virtual

List of virtual presentations

2019 – South Lake Tahoe, CA

Opening Remarks (Dolores Valls by Kevin Keady)
AASHTOWare Overview (Judy Tarwater)
AASHTOWare Bridge Task Force Update (Todd Thompson)
FHWA Update (Chris Long)
Truss Analysis LFR & LRFR – Elizabeth Befikadu
Modeling Curved Girder Bridges in BrR – Robert Fulton
AASHTO BrR Workarounds (Dave Ward)

Batch Analysis of BrR Models (Igor Chernioglo)
Rating of Steel Swing Bridge (Tony Zhang)
BrDR 3D FEM Analysis Capabilities (Krisha Kennelly)
BrDR 3D FEM Troubleshooting (Krisha Kennelly)

Overview of BrDR 6.8.4 and 7.0 (Herman Lee)
BrD Steel Plate Girder Design Tool (Herman Lee)
AASHTOWare Bridge Integration Through Web Services (Geoffrey Trees)
BrDR CMP Conceptual Design (Herman Lee)
BrDR for Research (Herman Lee)
Load Rating Tool (Ruben Boehler)

CTDOT’s Approach to LRFR Truss Analysis – Christopher Patria
Load Rating of RC Box Culverts (Mark Simonsen)

2018 – Boise, ID

Opening Remarks (Shanon Murgoitio)
AASHTOWare Overview (JudyTarwater)
AASHTOWare BrDR Task Force Update (Todd Thompson)
FHWA Update (Tom Saad)
BrR for Maintenance & Rehab (Ryan Sherman & Larry Evans)

Rating Swing Span Truss Bridges with BrR (Jason Miles)
Capabilities of BrR – LRFR PT Concrete Multicell Box Girders (Vinacs Vinayagamoorthy)
Load Rating Challanges in Idaho – Parking Garages Under Public Way and LRFR PT Conc. Boxes (Scott Wood & Will Johnson)
SHV’s, EV’s, and Other Challenges (Lubin Gao)
Legal Loads and Truck Platoons (Andrew DeVault & Dana Feng)

BrDR-6.8.3-6.8.4-and-7.0 (Herman Lee)
Load Rating Tool Enhancements (Herman Lee)
Using BrR to Evaluate Bascule Bridges (Carolyn Kois & Jim Surber)

Load Rating Atypical Concrete Bridges with BrR (Mike Briggs & Allie Wagner)
Enhancements to add LRFR Capabilities to the Rating Tool (Johnathan Mallard)

2017 – Kansas City, KS

AASHTOWare Overview (Judy Tarwater)
AASHTOWare BrDR General Update (Todd Thompson)
FHWA Update (Tom Saad)
BRDr Modernization (Todd Thompson & Geoffrey Trees)
Ohio DOT BrDR Database Utility (Jeremy Fisher)

Modeling Steel Box Girders in BrDR (Keving Gribble & Brian Zeiger)
Modeling Post Tension Concrete Slabs in BrDR (Abdul Hamada & Brad Shores)
Case Study of Bridge Load Rating in KY using BrDR (C.Y. Yong)
Illinois DOT Automated Permits – Progress with BrDR Rating Tool (Phil Litchfield)

BrDR 6.8.2 New Features (Krisha Kennelly)
BrR Rating Tool Demonstration (Geoffrey Trees)
BrDR 7.1 Enhancment Discussion (Dean Teal)
–> 2017 Tier 1 Enhancement List

BrD Prestressed Design Tool (Jeff Olsen)
The PG Super Professional Complement to BrDR (Richard Pickings)
The PG Super Professional Complement to BrDR  (Jeff Ruby)
BrDR Regression Comparison Tool Demo (Herman Lee)
BrD Substructure Capabilities (Krisha Kennelly)
Kansas Local Bridge Rating Program (Colby Farlow, Scott Moeder, Derek Harth, Clark Volker)

2016 – Chicago, IL

AASHTOWare Overviewv (Judy Tarwater)
AASHTOWare BrDR General Update (Todd Thompson)

AASHTOWare BrDR Technical Update (Jim Duray)

BrDR Modernization (Todd Thompson)
Rating Tool Update and Demonstration (Shanon Murgoitio)
ILDOT Transportation Automated Permits (Geno Koehler)

BrR Post-Tensioned Box Presentation (Scott Wood)
Creative Approaches to Truss Analysis Using BrR (George C. Huang)
Load Rating of the Bonners Ferry Bridge – A Case Study of Evaluating Longitudinally Post-Tensioned Steel Plate Girders (Daniel Baxter)

Prestressed Design Tool Pt.1 (Jeff Ruby)
Prestressed Design Tool Pt.2 (David Schroeder)
BrD Substructure (Krisha Kennelly)

Oregon DOT Evaluation of BrDR (John Milcarek)

Load Rating for SHV (Amjad Waheed)
Hope Bridge Load Parametric Study (Alan Yates)
FHWA Update (Tom Saad)

2015 – Albany, NY

Welcome (Brenda Crudele)
BrDR Overview and Survey Results (Judy Skeen)
BrDR General Update (Todd Thompson)
BrDR Technical Update (Jim Duray)

Utilizing BrD for Shored Construction and ABC Projects (Brenda Crudele)
—>  Bridge I-190 over Buffalo (video link)
Lifespan of a JIRA issue (Jeff Olson)
Using BrR to Load Rate the Curved Girder Approach Spans of the Huey P. Long Bridge_(Chad, Modjeski and Masters)

Bridge Data Information System_BDIS (Paul Campisi)
Vision of a Rating Tool (Shannon Murgoitio)
Analysis of a Curved Steel Plate Girder Bridge with BrR (George Huang)
BrDR Modernization Update (Todd Thompson)

Prestress Design Tool (Jeff Olsen)
FHWA Bridge Program Initiatives — Bridge Design and Analysis (Thomas Saad)
Creating Reports & Getting Results_ (Amjad Waheed)

2014 – Traverse City, MI

1_RTAG_Presentation_RADBUG_Traverse_City_MI_2014 1_steudle_081214_Bridge_Innovations_nn
2_BRDRugFHWAUpdate_2014 2_skeen_2014_Admin_Overview_-_RADBUG 3_3D_FEA_Presentation_-_wo_mesh_example_-_for_UG 3_todd_2014_AASHTOWare_Bridge_Design_Bridge_Rating_Update 4_durayTechnical_Update_-_2014
8 Nowak RADBUG TC 9_Geoffrey___August__2014_New_Aug_12a 10_hlee_BrDR_Technical_Support_Center_How-To

2013 – Virginia Beach, VA

1 Fundamentals Title Page
2 Workshop Outline – Fundamentals
3 Introducing VO Environment
4 LIB1-LibraryTraining
5 PS1-SimpleSpanPSIBeamExample
6 STL1-SimpleSpanPlateGirderExample
7HLP1 – Help Features
1 Rating Title Page
2 Workshop Outline – Rating
3 RC6-2SpanRCSlabSystem
4 DF3-DistributionFactorAnalysis(LRFR)
5 Capacity Override
1 Design Title Page
2 Workshop Outline – Design
3 STL9 – Curved Steel 3D Example
4 Weld Design and Weld Fatigue Analysis

2012 – Niagara Falls

1 Fundamentals Title Page
2 Workshop Outline – Fundamentals
3 Introducing VO Environment
4 TRE1 Bridge Explorer Tree
5 LIB1-LibraryTraining
6 PS1-SimpleSpanPSIBeamExample
7 STL1-SimpleSpanPlateGirderExample
8 HLP1 – Help Features
1 Rating Title Page
2 Workshop Outline – rating
3 STL8 – Single Span Steel 3D Example
4 CVT1 – Two Cell RC Box Culvert Example
5 LFR Detailed Report
6 RC6-VariedRCTeeBeamCrossSection
7 T6-TrussCrossSectionAndGraphics
8 Field Verified Wearing Surface Thickness
9 General Preferences
10 EI1-ExportingImportingData
11 RPT3-ReportToolUsingCrystalReports
1 Design Title Page
2 Workshop Outline – Design
3 Drilled Shaft
4 Substructure Results Report
5 Fatigue and Service reports
6 LS1-LimitStateSelection
7 PS8-PrestressIGirderThickerWeb

2011 – Helena, MT



8-3-2010 BRASS Third Party Development
2010 issue process
BRIDGEWare Customer Satisfaction Survey Results 2
Culvert Presentation 5
Nashville IDOT WIM Study VOBUG 2010
Technical Update 2010
VOBUG 2010 Superflood Presentation
VOBUG 2010 Superload Presentation