Welcome to the AASHTOWare BrDR User Group home page!

The AASHTOWare Bridge Design and Rating User Group is an organization providing support for the development of the AASHTOWare Bridge Rating and Design Software.

For the latest news and updates from the developers visit AASHTOBRIDGEWare BrDr Product Support Site.  Here you will also find useful material including:

Want to optimize the BrDR software?

In conjunction with the Task Force, Baker conducted an Engine Performance Parametric Study to measure the relative difference in the performance of the AASHTO Engine for different analysis settings and hardware configurations.   Based on various RAM configurations, hard drive types, and analysis settings both the analysis time and size of the output files were examined.   The text matrix and conclusions can be found in this report.  Examination of analysis settings’ impact on performance is also provided in the same document.

New Users and First-Time RADBUG Attendees:

Welcome to the Rating And Design Bridge Users Group (RADBUG). Members of this group represent their respective agencies in the guidance and support of AASHTOWare BrDR products. Feedback from the Users Group is implemented by the BrDR Task Force, which dictates the product roadmap and manages project development. The Users Group input is collected during the annual RADBUG meeting via presentations, discussion forums, and ultimately – enhancement voting.  Here is a brief document explaining how you, as a user, fit into this organization (including  a summary of the voting process):

New User Orientation
What is JIRA?

Bug Reporting:

The AASHTOWare BrDR Support Center uses a web-based software called JIRA for tracking issues and bugs.  Both the Unlimited License and the Single Workstation License receive an account and the person assigned to that account is considered the contact person for your organization.

For more information on bug reporting look at the following links:

Service Unit Procedures:

Service Unit Procedures PDF     These are posted on the AASHTOWare Website as well.