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The latest Enhancement List for our 2014 meeting is now available.  Please download the zip file below.

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Past Conference Information

2014 User Group Annual Presentations

Keynote Address – Kirk Steudle

Reports Tag – Amjad Waheed


2013 User Group Annual Meeting and Training

Presentations given:

Tom Saad – FHWA Status report

Technical Update

RTAG Presentation

Brenda Crudele – NYSDOT Presentation

Michael Murdock – Presentation

Bryan Silvis – MBE Interim Rev

Judy Skeen – Admin overview

Jim Duray – FE modeling

Design Tool

V. Storlie, C. Clancy – Rating Presentation

AASHTOWare Update

J. Mallard – Superload Move.

BrDR Update – Executive

User Interface Improvements

2013 voting results:

Combined-2013                              Design-2013                                 Rating-2013

2013 Enhancement List


VOBug 2012 – Niagara Falls, NY
    • Thank you to all who attended the 2012 VOBug Conference in Niagara Falls.  Special thanks to Paul Campisi and New York DOT for hosting the meeting.  Here are the enhancement voting results from the 2012 Niagara Falls User Group Meeting:
    • Presentations – See AASHTOBRIDGEWare Design-Rating Support Site
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